Pregnant Me

“Before” 2009
No, I am not pregnant anymore, but this face represents my feelings about the “baby” that grew in my ass

"After" November 2012 (mommy of a 3.5 year old)

“After” November 2012
mommy of a 3.5 year old
No, I am not really this mad; self-portraits are just challenging and require total focus

I eat.  I workout.  Sometimes I lose weight.  Here’s where I keep track of it all and try to stay motivated.  Oh, and sometimes I share embarrassing stories like how I learned that butt girdles don’t come in small.

These days, my diet is fairly paleo/primal (no dairy, grains, legumes, sugar, alcohol).  That said, I do enjoy tasty “cheats” from time to time.  But whatever I am eating, I post it here in picture form to keep myself accountable and my readers wondering what the heck that is that I am putting in my mouth.

I also post recipes, reviews, and random blatherings about my food and exercise adventures. Am I available for hire to write/consult/speak about food and/or fitness? You betcha!

contact: boobjuicemama_at_gmail.com


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