Hello, Old Friend

Wow.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve been here.  A year and a half since I’ve posted goals.  I’m baaaaaack! As far as the food posting, I’ve been pretty consistent, just in a different spot:


That’s right, I am a meallogger hero!  And my junior high school geography teacher told me I’d never get anywhere. Ha!

The only problem is I have been posting crap: cookies, wine, cocktails made from Trader Joe’s swill.  And lately it has gotten so bad [scrapes cookie crumbs from molars] I haven’t even posted.  [le sigh]

Before I outgrow all my clothes and find I made it all the way to my daughter’s wedding slightly buzzed (she’s five now), I want to recommit myself to healthy me.

I know December is a hella stupid time to set weight-loss goals.  Instead, I want to recommit myself to being committed.  Here are my goals for December:

– Some sort of exercise every single flippin’ day.  50 squats and/or 20 pushups counts.  I.  Must.  Move.  my fitbit got run over,  and I need to get myself moving without daily calibration.  I need to, or I will not have any pants left.

– Alcohol only two days a week.  It’s so yummy!  And it makes me forget my woes so quickly.  I need to keep my woes in mind so I can annihilate them rather than inebriate them. Divorce hurts.  Poverty hurts.  Alcohol is more painful and expensive than I can afford.  ‘Mmmmm ‘K?

– Healthy eating (no grains, dairy, sugar) five nights per week.  For serious.

Yo!  I am writing it here to keep myself honest.

Hi Self.  I love you.  I want you to be healthy and fit.  I want you to check out your own biceps and say, “damn!” silently to said biceps.  I am an atheist.  I get one life. Why the heck am I wasting it with crap?  Now I go to bed with a book and wake up to workout.  ‘Cause I like wearing clothes in small sizes and feeling fit and seeing life and loving it.  Life.  Is.  Good.


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