Goals: July 2013

Hello, July!  I am writing to you on Day 1.  Fancy that!  I want to actually take advantage of this flipping month and get stuff done (as opposed to last month when I didn’t even post goals until the month was more than half over).

First, a look back at June (a pitiable month):

June 2013

  • Exercise 5 times per week Yes, with the exception of LA
  • 2 tony walks Yes, if I count the one I did today
  • no drinking sans friends YES
  • cost benefit analysis of LA NO
  • write birth story slam woman YES
  • write everyday for at least 15 minutes Ick.  Took last week off mostly — LA again
  • post weekly on boobjuice — 3 out of four
  • review paleOMG NO
  • Ask C re: 5K coverage YES
  • Write one sketch Hoping to do it tonight
  • Trim plastic on dining table YES
  • sell three things on craigslist Not at all
  • upload Library story NO (but on purpose because I am retelling it)
  • upload June 22nd stories NO
  • update profile pics on blogs NO
  • schedule Divorce meetings NO

The late in the month posting of goals and the week in Los Angeles both contributed to June not being a very productive month.

  • write everyday for 15 minutes
  • post weekly on bj or bg
  • write two sketches (including the one from June month)
  • review storytelling book in prep for loretta’s workshop
  • take my old clothes to good will
  • ask dixie re: storytelling workshop
  • d doctor’s appointment
  • upload june 22nd stories
  • update profile pics on blogs
  • eric over for dinner
  • 2 tony runs in prep for 5k
  • run 5 k
  • interview and post woman recommended by career coach amanda
  • career coach homework
  • get a massage
  • exercise five times per week
  • post food diary daily (slacking)
  • organize d’s closet
  • order d’s bed
  • rearrange d’s room
  • make a schedule with marnie for swap
  • outline patterns story
  • meet/talk with birth story woman
  • contact birthways re: breastfeeding book
  • order 10 copies breastfeeding book
  • finish may’s heart ritual (sew pillow, decorate paper)

Maybe it’s because last month felt so unproductive — even counterproductive with all the crap I was eating — by the end, I woke up to July feeling ready to take on the world.  Mantra of the month:  I am responsible for my own happiness and success.  Bring on the goals!  Hitting print now!



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