Goals: June 2013

Errr, I guess June is half over.  Not quite sure how that happened.  Maybe part of the problem is I didn’t print May goals until after May 20th.  Whoops.  So here I am, last day of school for the child, looking out at the vast, uncharted territory of summer, excited by the freedom and trepidatious about the lack of structure — trepidatious enough that I just signed her up for another week of camp; wish I’d written it on the list so I could cross it off….

OK, first a look back at the May that almost wasn’t printed:

  • Write and print goals – YES
  • Finish career coach questionares – YES
  • Finish divorce homework – YES
  • Make an appointment with advisor for divorce homework (just emailed her!) – Had two meetings since this
  • Post in BoobJuice once a week — Mondays! – Maybe; kinda forgot, but have been writing everyday since May 30.
  • Post PaleOMG – NO
  • Post Paleo Pudding II – YES
  • Update bio pics on blogs – NO
  • Finish D bday dress and my skirt – YES and NO (D let me off the hook on my skirt) 🙂
  • D party favors – YES
  • D birthday book – YES
  • Flea treatment for cats – YES
  • 50 pages in book – I GIVE UP!
  • Dust my house!! – YES
  • 2 meetings with career coach – YES
  • Research transcription app – NO
  • Continue insanity – NO!!! Stopped after 41 days
  • Three days of slimkicker food charting – NO
  • Clean out D’s closet & books – NO (well, maybe a little)
  • Clean out my closet and books (for Dad) – NO (just a little)
  • Chart exercise – YES
  • Write Lisa F story – NO (so unmotivated to do this)
  • Submit/audition for one thing – Kinda — I got two gigs: Marin library, June 7, and Bawdy, June 20.  Yay!
  • No drinking alone – decided mid-month and followed through

June 2013

  • Exercise 5 times per week
  • 2 tony walks
  • no drinking sans friends
  • cost benefit analysis of LA
  • write birth story slam woman
  • write everyday for at least 15 minutes
  • post weekly on boobjuice
  • review paleOMG
  • Ask C re: 5K coverage
  • Write one sketch
  • Trip plastic on dining table
  • sell three things on craigslist
  • upload Library story
  • upload June 22nd stories
  • update profile pics on blogs
  • schedule Divorce meetings

OK, maybe I’ll add more later.  That’s it for now.



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