Goals: May 2013

Wow!  A week doesn’t seem like a very long time, but when I imagine it as 25% of the month, I feel rather behind.  Wait!  Only 20%; May has five weeks.  I am 5% less slackery than I thought.  Phew!

OK, here’s a look back at April:

Goals, April 2013

– one meeting with career coach — YES! (phone meeting, and she wasn’t available for a real one until May)

– plumbing issue resolved — YES!!! So happy!

– start story outline for Story Ark — NO

– research story Ark competitors — YES! Not really anything.

– purchase hosting for URL — NO

– get below 130 — YES!  (if only for a day or two)

– continue Whole 30 through 4/19 — YES

–  aim to keep fruit under 28 grams/day — yes, with some slip ups

– only one rice per day post 4/19 — YES

– five workouts per week — six even, because I started Insanity!

– 2 longer workouts — Yes; Insanity counts

– 2 tony walks — Yes

– submit story to Lisa Faulkner — YES, but wanna do another

– post Benjamin/Matthew stories — YES

– update D’s journal — YES, and need to again

– one divorce meeting — YES!

– cat flea treatment — YES!

– up to page 250 in my book — YES!

– finish improv book — NO

– book mani/pedi (after meeting weight goal) — YES!

– post re: paleOMG — NO

– transcribe one story — NO

– research transcription app — NO


OK, there were a lot of “yeses” in there.  Yay for that!  I did actually look at my list a few times during the month and intentionally set about doing things on it.  Yay for that, too!

In broad strokes, I want to be doing more writing/creating — I did write and shoot a whole little sketch this month with Group Hug.  It was an unexpected and satisfying accomplishment.  I aslo did an impromptu Whole 30 at the behest of an old friend and started Insanity inspired by another.  Yay for rising to meet unexpected challenges.  🙂

I also want to find the balance between teetotaling and being an alcoholic.  For serious.  There has got to be some middle ground between not drinking any alcohol and having some (even just one glass) every night.  I am not yet sure where that balance lies.

OK.  I am really putting off writing this list of goals.  I have placed the cat on my lap twice, and am currently watching as she licks herself and places with my foot (she wouldn’t stay on my lap).  Facebook is thoroughly checked, and I’ve made sure any email that has the misfortune to land in my inbox is not resting there for more than a minute before I read it in its entirety.  Yes, even the ones from Living Social.  So there you go.  I am admitting it; I am avoiding writing my goals.  Maybe goal one should be, “write your goals!!”

May 2013 Goals:

  • Write and print goals
  • Finish career coach questionares
  • Finish divorce homework
  • Make an appointment with advisor for divorce homework (just emailed her!)
  • Post in BoobJuice once a week — Mondays!
  • Post PaleOMG
  • Post Paleo Pudding II
  • Update bio pics on blogs
  • Finish D bday dress and my skirt
  • D party favors
  • D birthday book
  • Flea treatment for cats
  • 50 pages in book
  • Dust my house!!
  • 2 meetings with career coach
  • Research transcription app
  • Continue insanity
  • Three days of slimkicker food charting
  • Clean out D’s closet & books
  • Clean out my closet and books (for Dad)
  • Chart exercise
  • Write Lisa F story
  • Submit/audition for one thing

OK, that feels like a lot, a lot!!  To bed to read!



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