Goals: April 2013

I decided to write my goals today instead of yesterday, because yesterday could have just been passed off as a joke, right? I mean, given Caesar Chavez’s birthday and all.  I started in on a rare, but inspired, mid-month Whole 30 at the end of last month (3/21) spurred on by a junior high school buddy whom I haven’t actually seen or spoken to in over twenty years.  Yay Facebook!

Here’s what last month looked like:


– Find career coach — NO!  Need to focus on this more in April

– Apply for Women’s initiative — Took first steps, but waiting to hear back

– Buy my URL — YES!

– Research story crafting idea (competition, potential price, format) — NO! Cut and paste to next month

– Chat with Sej  — YES!  Very useful.

– Chat with Dixie — Yes!

– Sell iPad — YES! didn’t think I”d actually do that

– buy iPad mini — NO!  Went and looked but decided to wait for next generation

– post birth story on boobjuice — YES! Gratifying!

– transcribe Anna birth story on boob juice — NO!

– submit story to Lisa Faulkner — NO!

– more brainstorming video ideas — NO!

– write Bakesale Betty script — NO!

– make onesies for new niece — YES!

– mail onesies and JF present — YES! (on april 1st, anyway)

– ask C re: eye doctor — NO!

– up to page 200 Wolf Hall — YES! (on the 1st of April anyway)

– finish posting Feb stories — YES!

– book April story party — YES!


– 2 Tony walks — NO.

– Workout 5 days per week — Pretty much

– one rice per day — or less because I went Whole 30 3/21

– two fruits per day — mostly

– two alcohol per week — eeeh.  Too much at the beginning — none by the end

– no gluten — except for three occasions

– no dairy — except for three occasions

– no sugar — except for three occasions

Goals, April 2013

– one meeting with career coach

– plumbing issue resolved

– start story outline for Story Ark

– research story Ark competitors

– purchase hosting for URL

– get below 130

– continue Whole 30 through 4/19

–  aim to keep fruit under 28 grams/day

– only one rice per day post 4/19

– five workouts per week

– 2 longer workouts

– 2 tony walks

– submit story to Lisa Faulkner

– post Benjamin/Matthew stories

– update D’s journal

– one divorce meeting

– cat flea treatment

– up to page 250 in my book

– finish improv book

– book mani/pedi (after meeting weight goal)

– post re: paleOMG

– transcribe one story

– research transcription app


OK.  A lot for now.  Maybe there’s more?  Current goal: go to bed!

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