Goals: March 2013

How is it March already? Yowzers!

Here’s what February looked like:

– coffee only once a day — for realzz! — Was I joking? Totally failed

– rice no more than once a day — Yeah, I think so.

– clean eating with exception of premeditated cheats — looser than I’d planned, but ok

– Fruit no more than twice a day with exception of premeditated cheats (I am aiming for 28 grams of sugar or less) — Not perfect, but I was glad to have this focus

– alcohol no more than 2 days a week — eeh

– exercise 5 days a week — Yeah, I think so

– 2 tony walks — Just one

– below 130 reward: mani/pedi — Haven’t weighed yet. was at 130.6 last time I checked. So close!!

– write/find a piece for saturday night special — NO

– practice karaoke/singing — A lil — did manage to sing something at Saturday Night Special though. 🙂

– make doctor’s appointment — Yes!

– make dentist appointment — Yes!

– make dermatologist appointment — Yes! (just today)

– post mothup videos (Feb 9) — Half way

– write about fitbit for BG (finish post started in Jan) — Yes!

– write story for MothUP — Yes!

– contact the Moth re: support — Yes!

– transcribe one of of my oral stories — No

– write two longer boob juice posts — No

– brainstorm boob juice video ideas (like, actually sit down and do this on purpose) — maybe record parenting tips? — A little. Want to do more

– repair D’s stuffed animals — Yes!

– compile dance clothes for swap — Yes!

– get up to at least page 200 in novel I’m reading (Wolf Hall) — Ugh. No. 136. Realized that my eyes are really hurting with extra screen time. Maybe this is part of my problem with this book — reading on the iPad

– submit/audition/query two creative projects (TAL Coincidence counts) — Yes to TAL, and in contact with the Vent

– Look up training that five “health gurus” have — No — shift in focus

– write to Z re: R and decide whether or not to send it — YES!


– Find career coach

– Apply for Women’s initiative

– Buy my URL

– Research story crafting idea (competition, potential price, format)

– Chat with Sej

– Chat with Dixie

– Sell iPad

– buy iPad mini

– post birth story on boobjuice

– transcribe Anna birth story on boob juice

– submit story to Lisa Faulkner

– more brainstorming video ideas

– write Bakesale Betty script

– make onesies for new niece

– mail onesies and JF present

– ask C re: eye doctor

– up to page 200 Wolf Hall

– finish posting Feb stories

– book April story party


– 2 Tony walks

– Workout 5 days per week

– one rice per day

– two fruits per day

– two alcohol per week

– no gluten

– no dairy

– no sugar

– pick two cheat days to incorporate the above (already cheated on the 1st, 2nd, and third)

OK, that feels like a lot. Excited and motivated. Want to make sure I am focused on the most useful things.


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