Saturday, February 9, 2013 MAJOR CHEAT DAY






One coffee

Wow! This day was so cheaty I didn’t even photograph the second half! I feel ok about it because it was a planned cheat. That said, I am amazed (and disturbed) by how disgusting I feel in the aftermath. I have a wicked short temper, and I feel super grumpy. I am bloated and sooooo tired! My nose is extra runny, and my scalp is itchy.

I am hopeful that my self-inflicted maladies will disappear quickly.

Here’s what I ate up until 7pm:





Here’s a list of what I ate at my storytelling party:

– champagne jello

– champagne pomegranate punch

– corn chips and salsa

– popcorn

– cheese quesedilla on corn tortilla

– chicken with almond sauce

– chicken apple sausage

– 2 prosciutto pinwheels with goat cheese and puff pastry

I think that’s it. Really a delicious night. Oh! and I failed to mention that the champagne jello was penis-shaped. 🙂 Here’s a picture of that, at least:


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