Whole Thirty, Whole Picture(s)

Right, so after I went a little wild in December, I decided to reel things back in in January with a month (thirty-one days actually) of Whole30 goodness. For those of you unfamiliar (and/or opposed to opening links), the Whole30 basically means I excluded the following from my diet for thirty days (yes, I am a little bit proud of myself that I managed thirty-one days):

– Dairy

– Sugar

– Legumes (including soy)

– Alcohol

– Grains

– Processed foods (I did eat minimally processed sausages)

I also kicked up my workout from my December slacking. Here are my results side-by-next (OK, fine! Damn formatting! One below another):


January 4, 2013 (pre-Whole30)


February 4, 2013 (post-Whole30)

OK, I admit it; I am not seeing as much difference as I had hoped. I think I can imagine I see a little more definition in my abs and my shoulders, but the different sizes of the pictures/distance from the mirror make it a little hard to tell.  Maybe my hips look a tad smaller?  I guess it’s time to resort to measurements.  I do feel more in control of my eating and exercise, so that’s good.  I also did manage to get closer to 131 lbs instead of around 133 lbs, and I have got to remind myself of the forever that I was stalled out at about 138.  Progress, albeit slow, is still progress! OK, taking a  deep breath and powering on!  Here’s to seeing the underbelly of 130 pounds!


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