Goals: February 2013

It’s already the fourth, and this is a short month, so I better get on it.  First, a look back at January:

WHOLE 30 thru February 3 YES!! Even went without fruit some  (did have a bit of Airborne to treat a cold, but I don’t think that counts as cheating)

– Workout 5 days per week YES!  At least!  Had some really good workouts this month

– Back down to 131 pounds YES!  Dipped down below for a moment, but barely made it; the key seems to be cutting the fruit Whah!

– Record exercise YES! I was much more on it here.

– Two Tony walks YES!

– Holidays away YES!

– Finish lingering holiday presents YES!

– Open bank account YES!!! I can barely believe I did this!!

– Good Will drop YES!

– Write one post on nutrition/food Eh.  I wrote a few posts, but more personal essays than the professional-style articles I think I intended; I did start one of those

– Schedule February MothUP YES

– Update BJ, and BG bios YES!

– Investigate career coach YES! (no decisions made yet)

– List potential nutrition programs/cost NO

– Organize files NO

– Get two roofing quotes NO — I think my landlady is taking over this one.

– Write landlord re: fixing doors YES

– Call locksmith re: broken door YES

– 2 apple care appointments YES

Wooohoo!  OK, a pretty good month.  I am just noticing now that I didn’t really have any strong writing goals and didn’t do much writing as a result.  I am going to aim for more of that this month.  I also made a collage/slide show of my Bawdy Storytelling performance, so that was cool.

I also didn’t really miss drinking too much. Don’t get me wrong, there was a night or two where a glass (or five) of wine would have been really nice, but I didn’t feel socially awkward about not drinking with friends when I went out.  This marks a change for me of which I am proud.    I also, while I didn’t do much writing, felt pretty productive generally.

Also noteworthy, is my increased coffee consumption.  I should probably cut it out for a spell, or at least cut down.  Ugh.  I also felt extra tired this month.  I am pretty sure these things are related.  On that note:

February Goals

– coffee only once a day — for realzz!

– rice no more than once a day

– clean eating with exception of premeditated cheats

– Fruit no more than twice a day with exception of premeditated cheats (I am aiming for 28 grams of sugar or less)

– alcohol no more than 2 days a week

– exercise 5 days a week

– 2 tony walks

– below 130 reward: mani/pedi

– write/find a piece for saturday night special

– practice karaoke/singing

– make doctor’s appointment

– make dentist appointment

– make dermatologist appointment

– post mothup videos (Feb 9)

– write about fitbit for BG (finish post started in Jan)

– write story for MothUP

– contact the Moth re: support

– transcribe one of of my oral stories

– write two longer boob juice posts

– brainstorm boob juice video ideas (like, actually sit down and do this on purpose) — maybe record parenting tips?

– repair D’s stuffed animals

– compile dance clothes for swap

– get up to at least page 200 in novel I’m reading (Wolf Hall)

– submit/audition/query two creative projects (TAL Coincidence counts)

– Look up training that five “health gurus” have

– write to Z re: R and decide whether or not to send it


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