I Don’t Give a Poop

Mine!  All Mine!

Mine! All Mine!

Welp, I made myself a deal, and I am sticking to it! On January 16th, I promised myself that I would not open this stickin’ Jillian Michaels DVD unless I weighed 131 pounds or less by month’s end.

About ten days ago, I had a premature goalulation (I reached my goal early — it was messy). I decide to honor my initial promise to myself, and enforce that I must weigh 131 or less still by the end of the month if I wanted to open the DVD. Of course, in the interim, I ate a ton of fruit. My weight started to creep back up. I was getting nervous that I would have to take Jillian back to Target, and, admittedly, I was starting to think of ways to alter my deal with myself so I could justify keeping my exercise crack (the smoking kind, not the butt kind — metaphorically of course).

Anyway (drumroll please…) this morning I weighed myself. Completely naked I came in at 132! Argh! But wait! There is more! To share my glory, I must also do something that I have pretty successfully avoided talking about on this blog: poop. You see, my early morning, naked weigh-in happened before I was able to empty my system, so to speak. I knew the reading wouldn’t be accurate compared to my other readings, but I didn’t really have a choice. I say poop (or lack thereof) merits a second weigh-in.

This afternoon, after eating and drinking AND pooping, I came in at 130.8. Don’t ever say I don’t give a shit, Jillian! Yes, I realize that these are just numbers, and they are pretty arbitrary especially at such close range, but I think this counts as meeting my goal, even if I had to do it in kind of a crappy way.

That said, I am not off scott-free. I am fruit free for the rest of today at least, and I am gonna keep my intake low at least until I finish the Whole 30 on February 3rd. It really is amazing how much fruit impacts my diet, and when I am so close to my goal weight, it seems to be the only thing having an impact.

Now to do some kickboxing!


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