Hello, Goal. Didn’t Expect to See You So Soon.

Well shazaam! I must really want to open that stinkin’ Jillian Michaels DVD. I told myself that I couldn’t remove the cellophane and start burning new calories until I got back down to 131 pounds (I was feeling rather miserable after the dried apricot disaster where I ate a whole bag of those bastards in fewer than two days). I told myself that I if I wasn’t back down there by the end of the month, I would have to return the exciting new package with a half naked kickboxing Jillian on the front.

Last Friday I weighed in at 130.4. Dang! I think this must be a direct result of me cutting out Fruit for three days — it is so easy to add extra calories with that sweet deliciousness. I almost gave myself permission to rip Jillian out of her clear, crispy hovel, but I stopped short; she is still sealed on my kitchen counter reminding me that I want to set her free every time I think about eating something “naughty.”

I decided that I have to maintain the loss through the end of the month — I have to weigh 131 or less still on January 31st in order to spring Jill from her confines and pop her into my DVD player. Otherwise, I might find some other delicious and “legal” indulgence to gorge on before the end of the month. Case in point: the amazing truffles I made yesterday out of dates, cacao, cacao nibs vanilla, coconut butter, chia seeds, and coconut flakes. I think I had about half a dozen yesterday which probably put me well over my sugar quota.

Here’s to a healthy last third of January, and here’s to delayed gratification on my new Jillian DVD.


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