January 2013 Goals

Wow! Happy New Year! Before I even address what I did or didn’t do last month, I have to say, I feel pretty good about it. I, admittedly, gave up daily writing about mid-month in favor of holiday crafts and present wrapping. It felt damn good! I had been dreading the holidays, and focusing on the parts of them that I like (crafting specifically) allowed me to enjoy them much more. I feel good about my writing “vacation.”

I also feel good about my food “vacation.” I certainly had more cheat days this month than in a normal month, but when I got on the scale this morning, I was still clocking in under 134 pounds. I know it’s not just a numbers thing, blah, blah, blah, but it feels good to see that the damage was not too severe, and I really enjoyed my treats including the cheese enchilada I had been craving for at least eight months. Indulgences felt great, and made me all the more ready to jump back on my special wagon with gusto now that it’s 2013.

So here’s a look back at last month:

– Writing everyday — NO consciously gave up

– Finish that damn divorce book or put it away unfinished — YES!  Finished that bad bitch and started a novel.  Praise the lord!

– Open new bank account and initiate direct deposit — NO, but I am going to do that tomorrow.

– D’s school calendar in my calendar — YES

– 2 apple care lessons — Errr, not sure.  At least one.  🙂

– Start ipad — YES Love it!

– D monthly pics in books — NO

– Mail holiday presents (Hamiltons, Canyon, in-laws, marshalls) — YES

– holiday card list — YES

– make and mail holiday cards — YES

– organize files — Ick.  NO.  Did not seem very festive

– schedule one two hour writing block per week — Wow.  NO.  Totally forgot about this.

– five days a week of exercise — Kinda light this month, and didn’t record well either, so I’m gonna say NO

– write one piece about nutrition — NO

– write one bj post — YES

– two Tony walks — Not sure.  At least one.  Wow!  I did a really crappy job of recording exercise last month

– post October mothup — YES

– 10 minutes focused D time every day — Mmm, not as consistent on this as I would have liked.  Some good focused time, though.

– three days of slim kicker food diary — NO.  None!

– finish homemade holiday presents — Mostly — still a couple hanging on…

– continue regular food diary — YES (with some delays)

Here’s how I plan on staring 2013 with a bang:

– WHOLE 30 thru February 3

– Workout 5 days per week

– Back down to 131 pounds

– Record exercise

– Two Tony walks

– Holidays away

– Finish lingering holiday presents

– Open bank account

– Good Will drop

– Write one post on nutrition/food

– Schedule February MothUP

– Update BJ, and BG bios

– Investigate career coach

– List potential nutrition programs/cost

– Organize files

– Get two roofing quotes

– Write landlord re: fixing doors

– Call locksmith re: broken door

– 2 apple care appointments

Booooyah!  Happy 2013!

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