December 2012 Goals

Well, I figure I best at least address my goals before the world ends the day after tomorrow (12/12/12).  I can’t believe it’s already the tenth of the month.  Between a sick kid and some financial wackiness, December had sort of a rough start.  Further, I allowed myself to ride the wave of a little bit of uncharted calendar land.  I hold that it’s good to do that every now and again.  I may regret it when I dare step on the scale again, but for now, I think it was good to have a little break. 

So, now that December 2012 is one-third over, let me take a look back at November’s successes and shortcomings.

November Goals

Get another roof/door quote NO

Finish Tender is the Night by 11/8 YES!  Up until 3am, but yes!  Felt great!

Finish my portion of Divorce paperwork by 11/8 Yes!

Meeting with C re: budget Yes!  Huge success

Find getaway spot for Thanksgiving weekend Yes!

Review rental agreement and mail check to John Hurt Yes!

Put Columbia Falls Drive on the Market YES!

Decide December holiday plans (Texas? SLO?) YES!

Put D’s school calendar on my calendar err, mostly.  Was gonna do it right now, but google calendar is not responsive

Research voting and VOTE YES

Love goals list YES

Finish divorce book Ugh!  How long can I drag this one out??!!

G bday present Yes

Upload photos to snapfish YES!

Print D monthly pics and update books Printed but not updated

Start calendars YES! Done and in my hands!

Get therapy on insurance Submitted all paperwork

2 apple care lessons YES

Ongoing/daily tasks

5 workouts per week I think there were a few fours

write EVERYDAY I think I was at about 80% with this — missed a number of days

10 minutes of focused D time per day Pretty good

Submit two pieces of writing NO

write about slim kicker again (sugar grams) YES

reach out to sk re: more writing YES (er, oops!  ended up being more about product testing).

Investigate paleo nutritionist YES

Wow!  So distracted.  I have been all over the internet instead of finishing this.  

I am feeling anxious about finishing out the year and what my goals might be for the year to come.  I am also acknowledging that the holidays can be kinda rough on me.  I am going to go easy on myself. 

Here’s what’s on tap for December:

– Writing everyday

– Finish that damn divorce book or put it away unfinished

– Open new bank account and initiate direct deposit

– D’s school calendar in my calendar

– 2 apple care lessons

– Start ipad

– D monthly pics in books

– Mail holiday presents (Hamiltons, Canyon, in-laws, marshalls)

– holiday card list

– make and mail holiday cards

– organize files

– schedule one two hour writing block per week

– five days a week of exercise

– write one piece about nutrition

– write one bj post

– two Tony walks

–  post October mothup

– 10 minutes focused D time every day

– three days of slim kicker food diary

– finish homemade holiday presents

– continue regular food diary

OK, that’s it for now.  Feels like a lot


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