Sweet Demon

One small banana.  One small bowl of berries.  And with that I have met my sugar quota for the day — I am at exactly twenty-eight grams, the amount SlimKicker (based on my own dietary goals and preferences) has decided is right for me in a day.  I managed to edge my way up over twenty-eight grams by having some avocado and cucumber at dinner.  Hardly seems fair.  I am not kicking myself for the four extra grams my totally un-sweet dinner earned me, but I am so grateful to see the sugar that has been hiding in plain sight.

For months I had been wondering why and how my weight had leveled off as I consumed “healthy” dried fruits and grapes and berries by the handful.  Don’t even get me started on the Kombucha and raisins and coconut water.  Sure all this stuff is delicious, and I know there are health benefits to most of it, too (probably not the raisins…. mmmmm…. delicious raisins).  I was just consuming it as if it came without cost — the cost being the stationary  (or even increasing) numbers on the scale and the tighter waistband on my jeans.

When I began using SlimKicker in September, it became abundantly clear how quickly that sugar was adding up and negatively impacting me.  Somehow actually crunching the numbers rather than just looking at a picture of what I’ve eaten makes it more real — I can’t deny it or modify it in my memory.

In addition to my shrinking waistline (I measured yesterday and realized I am down a few inches since the spring), there are some other perks to my new sugar awareness.  First, I am savoring it more.  I have read more than one diet tip about eating slowly and enjoying every bite.  Knowing that I am only going to have the fruit in front of me (and not anymore), forces me to enjoy every delicious bite and not “waste” my fruit allotment on fruits I don’t really adore — I don’t think I’ve eaten a whole apple in months.  The fruit that I do eat has become a real treat.

I am also paying more attention to how much fruit I am giving the Child.  She and I would both be fruitetarians if we could.  Once, while I was pregnant with her, I ate an entire large box of blueberries wholly by myself.  She made me do it!  I am now actively trying to avoid (to the extent possible given her genetic origin) making her a complete sugar junky like me and my mother before me.  I had been supplying her with a limitless feed of the stuff, and while I don’t want her to feel deprived, I feel good about doing what I can to help reset her tolerances for the stuff.

Lastly, because both of us have cut our fruit intake, I am buying less fruit so I feel better about spending a little more to make sure it’s organic.  So basically, SlimKicker is my sugar fairy god mother — nay! sugar plum fairy?

Last night, after a stressful, paperwork-filled day, I wanted nothing more than to fill my mouth with something deliciously sweet.  Were I only recording pictorially and not Slimkicking it, I would have justified that last slice of flourless chocolate cake ’cause hey, at least I was admitting it — publishing it.  Knowing that such an indulgence would result in even more paperwork of the Slimkicker variety (entering recipes is pretty easy, but can be a wee bit time consuming), was enough to keep me on track.  Thanks, SlimKicker for “fairy-ing” me through my hour of need.


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