Goals: November 2012

I really did start this on the first, but it got eaten — kinda like chocolate.

First, here’s a look back at October. There were certainly some major things that fell off, but there were also some things that I didn’t think would be even close to done.

So here’s October:

– Print out goals — YES

– Drinking no more than twice a week — Eh, not totally — but drinking was certainly within control

– Otherwise paleo with the exception of Birthday, 10/20 and 10/27 (rice ok once a day) — A few more cheat days in there, but not crazy wagon-free-ness. I didn’t go after the Halloween candy, for example.

– Workout five times per week — Mostly — I lagged on recording so I am not positive, but this was certainly a light workout month

– 2 gym trips — YES (even Laura’s class after a 4 year hiatus!!!)

– 3 Tony walks — 2.5 (one short and on my own without the recording)

– Figure out knee joint pain — YES — disappeared on its own — perhaps legumes?

– Finish Fitzgerald book — God, NO! I am almost 100 pages in and really not enjoying it so much.

– Finish divorce book — NO — set it aside to focus on Fitzgerald since book club is on the 8th.

– Decide Thanksgiving — YES

– 1 meeting with Robert Terris – YES

– Begin to fill out Terris paper work – YES

– Submit something for pay – YES (Bust)

– Submit something not for pay – NO

– Hire a realtor for TX — YES

– Review rental agreement TX (do we owe $?) — NO

– Finish posting moth — YES, now I have October ones to post — not feeling it right now

– Outline ass song — NO

– Halloween decorations up — YES

– Finish sewing Dโ€™s costume — YES — big hit. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Sew C & M costumes — YES

– Cleanse Oct 2-5th โ€” whole thirty style — YES

– Get car window fixed — YES

– Two quotes for Handymen at home — YES, but one said “no” outright, so I should get another.

OK, so looking forward, I first need to address some of the stuff that didn’t happen last month. Committing to writing five days a week made it easier to slip up and then lose count of how much I was actually writing. Writing is the thing I say I want to be doing most, and it is the thing against which I seem to put up the most resistance. I want to bring more focus to this area.

I am also getting anxious about the holidays both what do do/buy but also how they will be spent — with what family in what capacity. I need to do some things to anchor myself as I prepare for this time that I know has the potential to be stressful and depressing.


November Goals

Get another roof/door quote

Finish Tender is the Night by 11/8

Finish my portion of Divorce paperwork by 11/8

Meeting with C re: budget

Find getaway spot for Thanksgiving weekend

Review rental agreement and mail check to John Hurt

Put Columbia Falls Drive on the Market

Decide December holiday plans (Texas? SLO?)

Put D’s school calendar on my calendar

Research voting and VOTE

Love goals list

Finish divorce book

G bday present

Upload photos to snapfish

Print D monthly pics and update books

Start calendars

Get therapy on insurance

2 apple care lessons

Ongoing/daily tasks

5 workouts per week


10 minutes of focused D time per day

Submit two pieces of writing

write about slim kicker again (sugar grams)

reach out to sk re: more writing

Investigate paleo nutritionist

OK. That’s really a lot. That said, without parties/halloween/etc, I am hoping to have more time to be on track and focused on moving forward. I am excited for this to be a busy and productive month. ๐Ÿ™‚



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