October 2012 Goals

  • Finish Fingersmith by 9/23 YES
  • Get something published somewhere (newsletter, online journal, yahoo, something) NO (submitted to My Body Gallery 9/29)
  • Submit one article for pay (bust or brainchild) NO (nothing submitted even)
  • Look up stay at home humorist YES
  • Write resume NO
  • Post August Moth stories Mostly
  • Schedule birthday dance YES
  • Submit spending analysis to C — REALLY YES!!!!! 🙂
  • Choose top three banks NO
  • C meeting with mediator YES!!
  • 2 apple care lessons Only 1
  • Initiate Monday calls Not really — only one
  • Rice no more than once a day — Most days — some none
  • Alcohol no more than twice a week  — On average yes — one week with three, one week with one
  • Otherwise fully paleo Pretty much — a couple sugar breaks
  • 5 workouts per week YES
  • 2 Tony walks YES — 3
  • 2 gym trips No- 1
  • Focused D ‘date’ once a week YES
  • No OKC this month YES, easy!!

Wow!  I feel pretty good about September.  The thing that saved my eating from going off the deep end was SlimKicker.  It helped me stay on track with my food consumption, sugar especially.

Yesterday and today were crazy days that contained way too much sugar and gluten and dairy even, but I feel ok about giving myself a break at month breaks.  I managed to maintain, maybe even lose a bit more in the weight department this month, so I feel good about rewarding myself.

Alright.  I may add to October goals, but here’s a start at least.  I have some pretty big items to take care of regarding our house in Texas plus two parties, so this may not be the most productive month in terms of creativity/writing.

October Goals

– Print out goals

– Drinking no more than twice a week

– Otherwise paleo with the exception of Birthday, 10/20 and 10/27 (rice ok once a day)

– Workout five times per week

– 2 gym trips

– 3 Tony walks

– Figure out knee joint pain

– Finish Fitzgerald book

– Finish divorce book

– Decide Thanksgiving

– 1 meeting with Robert Terris

– Begin to fill out Terris paper work

– Submit something for pay

– Submit something not for pay

– Hire a realtor for TX

– Review rental agreement TX (do we owe $?)

– Finish posting moth

– Outline ass song

– Halloween decorations up

– Finish sewing D’s costume

– Sew C & M costumes

– Cleanse Oct 2-5th — whole thirty style

– Get car window fixed

– Two quotes for Handymen at home

OK, feels like a really busy month!  That’s all for now.


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