Day 31 of the Whole 30

Aw yeah!  I made it through the whole month plus a day!  And, as I type, there is an open bag of dried mango sitting uneaten next to me, not even calling my name.  That’s right — I managed to open a bag of Trader Joe’s dried mango without consuming it in its entirety.  That alone makes the whole month worth it!

The first two weeks of the month with the fat flush were the hardest.  Breaking the caffeine habit nearly killed me, and I certainly was not a fan of going salt and vinegar-free.  Ick.  That said, I think I really benefited from recalibrating my system.  It is amazing how quickly the caffeine creeps back in.  I had it a few days in a row over last weekend, and was surprised by a headache on the first day without it.  Vicious, that stuff!

Another benefit of this month was the reminder that I don’t need alcohol for social events.  I can simply decline and drink something else.  I mean, duh!  But it was feeling pretty essential for a while.  I hope that reset lasts longer than the caffeine reset.

I think I also ate a lot more fruit and vegetables.  Not eating rice toast with breakfast inspired me to fill my eggs with tasty green things.  Most days I didn’t miss the toast.

While I haven’t weighed or compared pictures yet for the final tally, my body feels better at the end of the month than it did at the beginning.  My jeans are a bit loser, and I can see more muscle definition.  Yay for that!

Overall, it just felt good to keep a promise to myself.  Keeping the food promises helped me to stick to other goals I’d set for the month.  Given, I didn’t manage to accomplish them all, but some that had been stubbornly holding their ground on my goal list month after month will finally be crossed off when I assess goals in a few days.  Further, I am inspired to expand my challenges into more non-food related areas next month.

So here I am — thirty-one days of healthy eating and exercise under my belt.  I am feeling good.  And I am totally gonna celebrate tomorrow by eating and drinking whatever the heck I want.  Sorry, Body.  I love you, and I will help you to feel better again afterwards.


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