Go, Go, Nut! (Part 2)

Over a year ago on this very blog, I proclaimed my love of coconuts for all the world to hear.  Since then, I have gone on to enjoy the derivatives of this magical drupe with regularity and gusto.  On Monday, the mailman arrived with the icing on the cake of my coconut love affair.

I am doing the Whole Thirty this month, and in reading up on what I was to eat and not eat, I stumbled upon Pure Wraps.  I was excited to learn that I can actually consume them whilst Whole-Thirty-ing.  They are made of nothing but coconut flesh and salt, and oh the possibilities!  I ordered a package that very day.

It arrived on Monday just before the dinner hour.  Perfect timing.  These delicious, square, tortilla-like miracles taste fantastic and hold up pretty well when stuffed with yumminess.  The original flavor (I haven’t yet tried curry) are slightly sweet and, as a result, remind my sugar-deprived mouth of a wilted fortune cookie.  OK, maybe that doesn’t make them sound all so delicious, but in a world without bread or rice, they are a welcome joy.

I stuffed my first Pure Wrap with ground turkey, cilantro and and avocado and topped the whole thing with some fresh lime juice and coconut aminos.  It was divine, and I am already looking forward to my next opportunity to have this delicious flattened flesh in my mouth.  Because they are slightly sweet, I can also imagine using them like some sort of crepe, stuffing them with fresh berries and topping them with coconut cream.  OK, now I am drooling.

I haven’t checked for them at Whole Foods, yet, but I am gonna bug those holy (in the face), and well-inked stockers to order some up for my shopping convenience.  Oh sweet coconut!  You’ve got me wrapped around your… deliciousness!


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