Fat Flushed!

Today is August 14.  And it’s 11:05pm.  If I stay up fifty-five minutes, I can have salt.  Mmm…. delicious salt.  That’s right.  My two weeks of being salt and caffeine-free is about to come to a close.  I feel kinda proud that I made it through, honestly.  Those first few days of kicking the caffeine were rough.  Despite my propensity to push the limits with my fruit consumption, I feel good about it.  I think when I tried this years ago, I bent the salt rules.

Suddenly, *just* doing the Whole 30 sounds like a cake walk (except with no cake — mmmm….. cake).  I remember the first time I did it over a year ago it seemed like the hardest thing possible.  Now I am looking forward to all the extra things I’ll be able to consume starting tomorrow.  Mmmm… egg yolks and salt, and bacon and why the heck not?  Sure!  An apple if I’m feeling like I want one.

In preparation for tomorrow, I revisited the Whole 30 website with its list of food do’s and don’ts.  I probably should have done this at the start of the month, but alas.  I was happy to find that I had only broken one rule: that of weighing myself.  The Whole 30 can hate me for having stepped on a scale multiple times if it wants to.  I am ok with that.  Even if I had remembered that at the beginning of the process, I probably would have weighed myself still.  So there’s that.

I also learned that cashews are on the no-no list.  I hadn’t realized that they represent their own special group.  Whoops!  Since I was off nuts for the fat flush, I hadn’t broken that rule yet, but I smashed it into a million bits the last two times I did this.  Oh well.  Glad to know it now.

And that’s about it.  The sooner I sign off, the sooner I can wake up and salt my eggs (and not feel guilty for cooking them in coconut oil).

Here’s to day 14 of fat flush and day 15 of 30!



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2 responses to “Fat Flushed!

  1. Lindsey

    what else did you eliminate to flush the fat? I did my first whole 30 about a month ago and I am planning on my second one soon!

    • Good for you! The Fat Flush is essentially the Whole Thirty except you also eliminate: all drinks but water (and straight cranberry juice with fiber), all salt, most fats (don’t think I agree with this part, but gave it a go anyway), all fruit but two servings per day (serving = small apple, or ten cherries — some nonsense like that). I think that’s it. Oh, and then there are recommended supplements. The lack of salt and caffeine were the most painful for me, but it felt good to reset my system.

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