April 2012 Goals

Good news:  I am actually writing about my goals on the first of the month instead of half way through it.  Yay for that!

Bad news:  I am not feeling very accomplished for March.  Here’s a look at how I did:

March 2012 Goals


– Clean eating No: Dairy, Sugar, gluten — WAY TOO MANY CHEATS — need more structure this month
– Consider allowances for: alcohol, some grains (rice), a sugar cheat or two — Try THIRTY!  I just counted. There was only one day in March where I didn’t cheat in some way (second cup of coffee and/or rice all the way to sugar and drinking alone.  Blah!)
– Really be in touch with eating and eat only when hungry — I did do quite a number of days with only two main meals.  This worked well.  I need to read more about IF and see if I really think it’s good for me.
– only one cup of coffee per day — This was really easy to break often this month.  It doesn’t seem nearly as important as some of my other goals, so it’s the first to go if I’m needing a “treat.”
– No drinking alone & post cheats — Ugh, well, at least I posted them, but I don’t feel good about ’em.
– Post all cheats — I really did keep up with this.  At least I am tracking my deviant behavior.
– Exercise 5-6 times/week — Better than I thought!  24 times!  Yes, that does include some walking, but with all the travel and getting sick, I think it’s pretty good.
– 3 Tony Walks — Only one of these.  It was harder without childcare
– Write 3 days a week — blah!  I was not a writer this month.
– Comment 3 days a week — probably not.  But I failed to keep track, so I can’t really know.
– Record writing and commenting efforts (perhaps in notepad?) — This lasted about three days.
– Montessori work with the Child 3 times/week — pish!  nope.
By Month’s End:
– 135. Come on, baby! You can do it! — Dunno.  Haven’t weighed in yet.  Afraid!
– Post 4 moth videos — only 2, but I did upgrade vimeo, so I can upload more.  Yay!
– Write a longer piece for Bust or Brain Child — nope!
– Actually print out goals — nope!
– Improv twice — Yes!  And we have a show scheduled!!
– 3 longer blog posts — only one.
– The Yahoo thing again, except really! — Well, I did sign in and read some about what to post.   Moving forward at least.
– Respond to blogging awards — Yes!  This was my longer post.
– Finish two more books — Well, only one.  But I did get most of the way through the other and most of the way through a book on tape.
 Clearly, some of this goal setting is not working for me.  I am going to consider April’s goals a work in progress.  Here’s what I have in mind right now, but I may change it/add to it in the next few days.
April Goals:
Continue to record food & exercise daily
Continue to record “cheats”
Here are some more strict/specific food rules:
– Absolutely no alcohol alone
– Absolutely no sugar alone
– No legumes/soy
– No dairy
– No corn
– I am making RICE OK this month — let’s see how that goes.
– Exercise 5-6 times/week
– 3 Tony walks
– 3 longer DVD’s (more than half an hour)
– post twice a week
– submit something to Yahoo
– meet with performance art woman
– meet with Kay DeMartini
– perform in improv show.  Woot!
– finalize plan/outline for brain child or bust
– clean out desk
– clean out closet
– confirm plan for D’s school in the fall
– print out goals
– sell/give away old baby stuff
– finish two books!
– finish co-dependent book on tape
– interview one new therapist for me

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