Taking a moment to admit fully that I am off my wagon.  Yesterday was a planned cheat, and today I made it through most of the day (though I did go back on my goal of cutting out rice for the week), until I had a drink (read: three) with dinner and a brownie after dinner.  Ugh.  Totally self-medicating.  Saying it out loud so that I can avoid slipping further.  Exercise should help, and will feel good tomorrow.  Eating crap makes my body hurt, and being more lax over the last month has caused the scale to creep up nearly five pounds.  Blah.

I am feeling really frustrated by how restrictive my diet needs to be in order for me to maintain weight-loss, let alone lose weight.  Remembering back to a time when eating nourishing food was its own reward.  Here’s to bringing healthy back.




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2 responses to “Confessions

  1. Black and White Lipstick

    Good on you for stepping up and getting healthy, it is a long hard road. It’s great you’re not letting a little slip set you back 10 steps.

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