Diary: July 26, 2011


1 gluten free waffle with coconut butter and coconut milk, strawberries and raspberries, 1/2 an egg + 2 whites scrambled, coffee with coconut milk



turkey lunch meat, peach, coffee with coconut milk



a few tastes faux muffin batter


2 fake mini muffins, half decaf iced coffee with coconut milk


rice noodles with veggies, ground turkey, lettuce, coconut milk and berry popsicle, fake mini muffin



2 fake mini muffins


My stomach is a bit upset.  Is it wrong that I am thinking of it in terms of potential pounds lost?  Probably, but I am.  My back is starting to feel more normal.  Trying to baby it and not take things for granted.  Of course, I did *need* to pole dance today, so there was that.  But I stretched afterwards.  Yippee!


Workout: Tracie Long: Leaning out, short pole session, full yoga stretch


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