Diary: June 29, 2011

So I fell asleep putting the child to bed again tonight.  And I wasn’t even drunk — no alcohol at all in fact even though I nearly put rum in my fruity drink round about 4pm.  So close.  Still wacked on the eating today.  I wanna blame part of it on politeness.  A few friends came over for dinner and one announced she would bring pasta.  I knew the other two friends wouldn’t eat the pasta, and I didn’t want her to feel like she brought it for naught.  I had already mentally committed to eating it before she arrived, so I then felt justified in eating cheese and crackers and bread and drinking juice.

Small favors: at least there was no alcohol and no “real” dessert.  Over all, a better day than yesterday, but my jeans felt tighter.  Ugh.



2 eggs, 2 slices rice toast with margarine, small peach, coffee with coconut milk 2X



small salad from Trader Joe’s.  I did my best to pick off the feta, but maybe those cheese crumbs were what sent me to the brie later on.

2 handfuls dried apples

(Wow, I’m pretty sure I ate something else here, but I can’t think what it might have been — I know it wasn’t off target, at least)


coffee with coconut milk, handful veggies, a few slices brie, 5 mini toasts, 2 crackers, peach ginger fizz with NO RUM


big salad, chicken, small serving cheese tortellini with pesto, coconut milk/fruit popsicle, 3 slices mango


Workout: Tracie Long: Power Up (only 1/2 an hour, but felt great) + 10 minutes pole — upside down with no hesitation.  Yippee!


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