Diary: June 28, 2011

OK, so the pattern is: I eat crap and feel crappy about it, then I don’t write about it (because I feel crappy about it), and then I feel even crappier because I failed to keep two promises to myself instead of just one. Here’s to breaking the pattern! Translation: I ate crap today, but I am still gonna write about it. So there!

It all started out ok…


handful almonds


coffee w/ coconut milk 2X, 2 slices rice toast with margarine (the healthy-ish kind), peach, handful blueberries, 2 eggs


fresh veggies with mayo dip, small peach

Here’s where I got the munchies and it started to go south a bit:


handful dried apricots, 2 stale corn chips, earl gray tea


rice noodle pasta, broccoli, 1 chicken sausage, marinara sauce, small peach, handful raspberries, 2 GLASSES WINE

and the wine made this seem like a great idea:


6 raspberries stuffed with cream cheese icing and a chocolate chip each, another handful of chocolate chips and the rest of the icing… at least it’s gone.


I think another part of the problem was that I didn’t eat enough (read: any) protein in the middle of the day.  It set me up for sugar cravings at the end of the day.  Also, I was lonely and I have my period, and the Child and I have been pushing each other’s buttons (read: she’s been acting like a two year-old).  So it looks like I was not quite ready for the halfway house — next month I’m back to a more structured diet.  My newly-smaller ass is not up for the challenge of eating whatever whenever.

Hopefully I am actually learning this rather than just typing it up and forgetting it.


I did manage a great workout!

Tracie Long: Leaning Out — First time, and I loved it! 50 minutes of innovative strengthening with some cardio thrown in to keep my heart rate up through out.


I also went to a toddler yoga class with the Child.  Yay stretching!  Yay nekkid babies!


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One response to “Diary: June 28, 2011

  1. I don’t know why, but it gives me a tremendous amount of comfort that someone else besides myself will come up with ridiculous concoctions of bad food such as those raspberries with frosting, when drunk on 2 glasses of wine. Good thing you don’t smoke pot because you would have to start a whole other blog about the kind of weird shit you’d be eating.

    Here’s to getting back on the wagon! We can do it!

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