Diary: June 12, 2011

(Oh, Cheat Day, I love you!)

1 0:30am

sugar-free coffeebean and tea leaf nonfat mocha.  Yum!


small serving fruit, lemonade, 1 bread stick, small sandwich with pesto, turkey, cheese, artichoke, tomato, cheese, cruton salad, caesar salad with chicken


white cake with butter cream icing — Yum!!!, 1/2 mini chocolate cupcake, coffee with cream, handful chocolate malt balls


a few pieces chicken, salad, veggie/cheese lasagna with rice noodles, glass of wine, 1/2 artichoke with mayo dipping sauce


slice carrot cake with cream cheese icing


workout: really mild walk whist listening to Tony Robins.  Feel good that I at least got “moving and breathing” as he says.

I feel good about my cheat today.  My entertaining guru, Wendy, threw a party for her daughter’s high school graduation.  It was so lovely and delicious, and it was delightful to eat chocolate malt balls with my daughter while she sat in my lap.  The cake was the cake I had for my wedding eight years ago, and I have an unnatural love for the magical icing that coats it.  It was worth every delicious calorie.




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