Diary: June 5, 2011

Major Cheat Day!

Today was the Child’s birthday, and I celebrated by eating and not keeping track.  It was delightful, and I am feeling OK about it, especially since I got back on the wagon with eating and exercise immediately following.

Here is a smattering of what I ate:

eggs with rice toast and butter, coffee with coconut milk (that is the end of the reasonable stuff)


melon and berries

corn chips and guacamole

1 slice pepperoni pizza

6(?) mini red velvet cupcakes

6(?) chocolate chip cookies

3-4 fake mini muffins with fake coconut butter icing (not bad for fakin’ it!)

artichoke with mayo dipping sauce

2 vodka drinks


This was truly a delightful day, and looking back now, I realize that in the past, I could have — WOULD HAVE — eaten a lot more.  I didn’t have room to eat all the things I wanted to eat.


No exercise again today.




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