Diary: May 21, 2011

(Day 21 of 30)

2 scrambled eggs, pink drink, coffee w/ coconut milk

Coffee w/ coconut milk

1-3pm (picnic)
2 hb eggs, 1.5 cups fruit salad, handful baby carrots

Apple, 2 handfuls salted cashews

Ground turkey w/ zucchini and summer squash w/ marinara, salad w/ 1/2
avocado, oil and vinegar, coconut oil sauteed kale, 1 date

Mango w/ coconut milk

No workout — day off (no time away from child)

Yam, sauerkraut, 1.5 turkey hotdogs with mustard, 1/2 cucumber

3 whites, 1 egg, 1/2 tomato, spinach, basil,coffee w/ coconut milk

Coffee w/ coconut milk, chicken sausage w/mustard, sauerkraut

Baby carrots, guacamole

2 chicken breast tenderloins, spinach, 4 dried apricots

The last few days, it has felt harder and harder not to eat sugary sweets. I want a treat every night — so far I am getting creative (hence the mango and coconut milk tonight). I plan to make it through the end of this thirty days, but I am sorely missing bread, even gluten-free bread, and the occasional bit of chocolate. And by occasional, I mean daily, and by bit of chocolate, I mean vat of icing. I stopped breastfeeding on Tuesday. I wonder if that has something to do with it — it does feel like hormonal cravings, but it would be the wrong time of the month for those. Here I go on the path of TMI! Wait, this is a blog about my ass; I guess TMI is relative.


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