Diary: May 2, 2011

(Day 2 of 30)

Coffee with coconut milk, pink drink

Handful dehydrated mango, 1 slice dehydrated peach

turkey burger with mustard, sweet potato fries, 2 small sticks celery, coconut water

iced coffee w/ coconut milk

1/2 pear, 1/2 apple

1 chicken sausage, cup broccoli with coconut aminos (yum!), 1/4 cup fermented sauerkraut, 3 large sticks celery


(Still hungry) apple with almond butter and 1/8 cup raisins

Workout: Firm Vol IV (Kai and Susan) I forgot how fantastic this short video is.  I got my sweat on.

I was in a great mood upon waking this morning.  Perhaps it was because the Child slept through the night for the first time in,like, forever, but I would like to give some credit to my food choices.  Even though I hadn’t really been eating “real” sugar regularly for some time, I was using a lot of substitutes (agave, stevia).  Today I feel like I’ve felt in the past when coming off the white stuff — withdrawal from my drug of choice, baby.  Well, at least I’m not curled in a ball having night sweats.  I do feel kind of off, but in a good way.  I am feeling so happy to be taking care of my body.  Yippee!

I think I may have had more fruit today than I ought to on this diet, but I will consider it a transition period (for the next 30 days <smirk>)


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