Diary: April 26, 2011


coffee w/milk and agave, 2 gluten free waffles w/ agave syrup, 5 strawberries, 1 fake sausage, 2 eggs


coffee w/ milk and agave


apple w/ almond butter


4 grapes, fruit roll (100% fruit), handful carrots, 3 bites quinoa salad, 2 handfuls lentil chips, 1 dried pear


miso soup with seaweed, a little tofu and kelp noodles (sooo yummy), pickled ginger, most of a chicken sausage (the child ate some!) w/ mustard in a corn tortilla, 1/2 cup sauteed greens, handful carrots, 1 dried pear


Gluten free cereal w/ coconut milk — yes, I was still hungry

Workout: 2 mile stroller walk, 40 minutes garden work (hoeing and mowing).  I tried for a video, but the child only took a half hour nap.  Boo on that.


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